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Narrative Riddles of Sherlock Holmes
Every single riddle consists of narration and dialogues for better understanding and more excitement. You have to think, observe carefully and search for different themes, such as murders, physical phenomenons, secret messages and more. This book consists of 13 pages including the answers to the riddles. 

10 Narrative Riddles ready to solve


A Path of Mysteries
These stories tell us about awkward situations and how the heroes react. Visions, ghosts, weird illnesses, paradoxes, psychological and religious issues have interested people's thoughts and souls for many centuries. This book -based on magic realism- makes a deep dive in ordinary matters and how a person could live them in a different way. 
The book consists of 17 pages and has five unexpected, first published stories: "A few minutes of fear", "The gift", "The mansion of sins", "I'm scared to look at him", "He had stopped believing in women".

5 Short Stories are leading you in a path of mystery, supernatural and agony